Tom Gomoll

Leadership + Vision
Tom is an expert in creating user experiences that are compelling, satisfying, and successful. He specializes in leading multi-disciplinary teams to design innovative and thoughtful products by focusing on how people live, work, and play. Tom directed the Macintosh Human Interface Group at Apple — together they designed the award-winning Macintosh System Software. Tom also co-founded the first usability group at Apple, the acknowledged leader in setting ease-of-use standards.

The DIRECTV Viewing Experience
Tom led the design effort for Hughes Network System’s future generation DIRECTV onscreen interface. The GRD team shaped and designed a more efficient and pleasurable television viewing experience by observing and interviewing current DIRECTV customers in their homes. The data from this research was used extensively to design and structure a new interface that more explicitly supports people’s TV viewing behaviors and habits.

The GE Healthcare Imaging Interface
Through extensive field research at hospitals and radiology departments, the team designed a product interface that guides users through diagnostic imaging procedures. The design is elegant, usable, and human, placing the emphasis on patient care and attention.

The Banker Insight Human Interface
Tom led the design of Banker Insight, a breakthrough customer service system for banks and call centers. The interface makes navigation easy and information access fast, while providing a meaningful and enjoyable experience for its users.

The Macintosh Customer Experience
Through innovative usability and design techniques, Tom contributed to Apple’s usability excellence by designing a seamless and simple “open-the-box” setup experience. The packaging, instructions, and hardware/software integration made the Macintosh the industry’s first plug-and-play computer.

Tom has a Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire.