Emily DePinto

Emily is a Biomedical Engineer turned User Experience Designer. Her focus is building delightful experiences for highly technical products, ranging from CT Scanners to Building Automation Controllers.

Emily crosses the bridge between engineering and design by incorporating elements of both disciplines into product design. When evaluating design concepts, Emily can appreciate the engineering feasibility and technical requirements, while being able to also provide better guidance on the usability to prevent unnecessary rework caused by product specifications that aren’t human-centered.


Information Architecture
Most highly-technical products require very complex user-journeys. Creating information architecture that is cohesive, elegant and simple allows for product teams to more quickly develop their user experience.

Wireframes benefit product teams by quickly illustrating a user-journey in a way that enables target users to offer candid feedback that prevents unnecessary visual design work from being created and thrown away. As one of the most commonly-used prototyping tools, wireframing helps to reduce costs of design efforts by creating more firm design plans before visual elements are added to the workflow.

Usability Testing
Usability testing is an essential step in any design process and performing usability testing at multiple points during the creation of a product is the best way to meet the end user’s needs. Emily has led usability testing efforts for diagnostic ECG software and complex programs that manage loT devices.

Verification and Validation Testing
V&V testing is a process used in the engineering design workflow to ensure that the product matches specification by testing all possible edge cases. Emily performed V&V testing in previous roles for cardiac medical equipment and CT Scanners. Emily wrote detail oriented procedures to ensure traceability throughout projects for FDA compliance.

Work Experience
GE Healthcare, Mortara Instrument and Telkonet

Emily has a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Marquette University