Andi Gomoll

Andi is a User Experience Designer who is passionate about the improvement of educational technology and user experience for both learners and teachers.

Andi is a doctoral candidate in the Learning Sciences at Indiana University and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California San Diego. Her dissertation work explores one teacher’s evolving professional vision (refined practices of noticing and responding) as she works to enact a problem-based robotics curriculum centered on using technology to address local needs in students’ school communities. This work is part of a longitudinal research-practice partnership—bridging academic and practitioner perspectives in the work of co-design.

Public Speaking + Training
Andi has presented her research at national and international academic conferences including:

  • International Conference of the Learning Sciences

  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

  • European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction

  • International Conference on Problem Based Learning

  • International Conference on Conversation Analysis

  • American Educational Research Association

  • FabLearn

She has acted as a lead facilitator and coordinator for human-centered robotics workshops held for middle school teachers and out-of-school science educators in Indiana and Alaska.

User Research
Andi has analyzed usability testing for the Traterra Vacations web interface and designed and facilitated usability testing for FieldCast podcast editing interface. She has worked on the design, facilitation, and analysis of formative user testing experiences across several projects for the Medtronic diabetes division.

In her work within K-12 education contexts, Andi iteratively designs and refines curricula alongside the instructors who implement them.

Prior Work
Prior to beginning her PhD program, Andi worked as a preschool and 4th grade teacher in Indianapolis.

Andi is a doctoral candidate in the Learning Sciences at Indiana University. Andi also has a Master of Sciences degree in the Learning Sciences from Indiana University. Andi received her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies and Integrative Studies at
St. Olaf College.