Abby Bajuniemi

Abby Bajuniemi is a researcher, strategist, and experience designer, specializing in language interaction and design. She completed a PhD in Applied Linguistics with a dissertation on how task affects language production.

She channels her linguistics background into a passion for accessibility and inclusivity in design and content, central themes in her book Designing and Researching Natural Language Interactions (Rosenfeld Media, 2019)

Abby is experienced in research, research design and strategy, interaction design, usability testing, wireframing (low-medium fidelity), prototyping, information architecture, and writing.

She’s worked in independent and collaborative environments and thrives in both as a leader and a contributor.  

One of her favorite projects was directing UX strategy and research for Princeton University’s Eviction Lab data mapping and visualization tool where she designed and conducted formative design studies and drove the interaction design. She also served as content and accessibility consultant and English-Spanish translator for the site.

User Research
Abby has designed, conducted, and analyzed large and small research projects that span discovery and market research, design research, and usability (formative and summative) studies for responsive web, enterprise applications, e-commerce, education technology, and medical devices. She is an experienced facilitator and proficient in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods.

Public Speaking + Training
Abby has presented her research at national and international academic and technology conferences, including the American Association for Applied Linguistics, the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, the Second Language Research Forum, the Linguistic Association of the Southwest, Strive, The UX Research Conference, and MinneWebCon annual meetings. She has also given workshops and lectures in the Twin Cities for UXPA-MN, Prime Digital Academy, CH Robinson, and MN Women in Tech. Abby speaks, teaches, and writes on the topics of voice and conversational design, mental models, language as a usability and accessibility tool, and language and gender in the workplace.

Abby earned her BA in Spanish linguistics, her MA in Hispanic Linguistics, and her PhD in Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics from the University of Minnesota, with research interests centered on language acquisition and sociolinguistics.