NeuWave Medical


NeuWave hired Gomoll Research + Design to design the user interface for their first product, a medical device used to deliver microwave energy for ablating soft tissue, such as tumors. The touch screen UI is mounted on a bedside cart with detachable probes. The probes are inserted into the target tissue, and the touch screen is used to determine the timing and the energy levels for the ablation.

User Observation + Usability Testing
Prior to designing the UI for the device, GRD observed radio frequency ablation cases as well as cryo ablation cases. These observations helped us to understand the ablation process using currently available technologies. We also interviewed several interventional radiologists to understand their needs. We developed a wireframe UI structure that the NeuWave team converted to a touch screen UI prototype. We tested this prototype with target users.

Simple, Clean, Usable Design
The user interface has been very well-received and has proved to be highly usable and easy to learn.