Nate Gomoll

Business Strategist
Nate Gomoll focuses on Business Strategy and Development at Gomoll Research + Design. He drives GRD’s marketing strategies, competitive positioning, and
sales approach.  

Prior Work
Prior to joining Gomoll Research + Design, Nate worked at Robert W. Baird & Co. as an Associate Product Manager. Nate co-managed the ~$16 Billion Private Investment Management (PIM) Advisory Program, a select offering that gives Baird Financial Advisors (FAs) discretionary authority when managing client assets. Nate worked very closely with the Baird Private Wealth Management Equity/Fixed Income Research Team to equip FAs in the PIM Program with ample equity research ideas/mediums.

Nate has a Bachelor of Administration in Finance + Marketing from Marquette University. Nate also competed on and was captain of the Marquette Cross Country and Track + Field teams. Nate plans to pursue continued education (MBA) in 2019 with emphasis in Strategy, Product Marketing, and Leadership.