H&R Block


At Home Interface
GRD has collaborated with H&R Block to design superior consumer tax interfaces, including their flagship product "At Home." Based on years of consumer research, At Home provides a guided path, with cues and feedback, to assist consumers throughout the tax filing process.

Next Generation Tax Preparation — Tango
Ready to meet the expectations generated from Web 2.0 technologies and interactions, Gomoll R+D partnered with Don Norman to help H&R Block design an entirely new and emotionally engaging approach to doing your taxes.

Normally, tax season isn’t met with great enthusiasm or positive emotions. By looking at the biggest issues surrounding the user experience, we set out to change the way people think about taxes. The result: A story behind the flow of information, elegant interactions, and a visual interface to excite the most skeptical tax filer.

Tango is the new kid at the H&R Block party of tax preparation offerings, among with TaxCut is the main attraction. The online service’s sleek and stylish interface is one of the best looking, most intuitive, and easiest to navigate that we’ve seen.
— Computerworld

TaxCut Online & TaxCut Software
H&R Block’s popular tax preparation products needed a visual refresh. The GRD team presented a wide variety of concepts that improved the look and feel and reinforced brand confidence. The final design was released for the 2006 tax season.


HRBlock.com Information Architecture
H&R Block has a diverse set of offerings including brick & mortar offices, tax software, mortgage lending, wealth management, banking, and more. GRD took a long look at the products and services, as well as the range of customers H&R Block aims to reach. Then we helped reorganize content and optimize information flow on HRBlock.com, the public’s online information source for all things H&R Block.